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Narrow implants (Ø2.75 and 3.25 mm) supporting a fixed prostheses in posterior regions of mandible

Full-arch on Four flapless in maxilla using the JDGuide and JDEvolution Implants

Flapless full arch rehabilitation using JDGuide for the placement of parallel implants

Full Arch on 4 in the upper jaw using the JDGuide

The 48 years-old female patient presented a terminal dentition in the upper jaw. She asked for a fixed implant restoration. After the extraction of the residual teeth, four JDEvolution® implants were inserted following the Full Arch on 4 technique. The JDGuide was used to place properly the distal tilted implants angled at 30°, according to the pre-operative treatment plan on CBCT. 48 hours after the surgery, a durable metal/resin prosthesis was inserted and screwed on implants.

Full-arch on 6 with JDEvolution® implants placed with flapless technique in an edentulous patient

The 68 years-old female patient presented a fully edentulous upper jaw and asked for a fixed implant retained restoration. After the CT examination, six JDEvolution® implants were inserted with a flapless technique. The JDGuide was used to place properly the tilted implants distally positioned. 48 hours after the surgery, a Toronto-like rehabilitation was inserted and screwed on implants.

Immediate loading in single post-exctractive JDEvolution® implant

The clinical movie shows the insertion of a post-exctractive JDEvolution® implant in site 4.4, the immediate loading with a provisional restoration and the cementation of the final prosthesis after 3 months.


Immediate insertion of a 2,75x15mm JDIcon Ultra-S implant

A 47 year old Caucasian female patient came to our dental office complaining pain and swelling on upper right lateral incisor and mobility of the prosthetic crown on it. Inspection showed the presence of vestibular sinus tract with about 9 mm periodontal probing. A deep vestibular root fracture was then diagnosed. Decision was taken to extract the tooth and immediately replace it with a 2,75x15mm JDIcon Ultra-S implant and a not functionally loaded screw-retained temporary crown.

Case 22.pdf

Immediate implantation with immediate loading of a full upper jaw in a patient with a high lip line: from surgery to final prosthesis.

This patient is a 56y old healthy female with a severe generalized chronic periodontitis. Her major complaints are the long teeth caused by gingival recessions, the gummy smile, the unaesthetic black holes and the teeth mobility. Since this patient has a gummy smile, it is very important to locate the lip line smile before placing the implants. By doing so, we will be able to evaluate the amount of bone to reduce, so the joint between the gingiva and the pink ceramic of the final prosthesis doesn’t appear while smiling. The treatment plan performed was an immediate implantation of six JDEvolution® implants with an immediate loading combined with a precise osteotomy of the alveolar process. By Jeff Khoury, DDS, Beirut (Lebanon)

Case 21.pdf

Placement of short implants in limited bone height avoiding bone graft.

A 50 year-old male, healthy and non smoker presented with a complain of: ‘I want to replace my teeth on upper right quadrant’. Following CT examination, it was realized a very limited residual bone height of 6mm. Two treatment options were considered: bone graft and subsequent placement of long implants versus placement of short implants and tilted implants to avoid the maxillary sinus. Supported by the recent literature, it was decided to use JDEvolution® 6mm short implants.

Case 20.pdf

Sinus lift lateral approach with immediate implants insertion.

The patient reported an insufficient height of bone to place implants. Various treatment options were discussed with the patient and she elected to have a sinus lift with lateral approach and immediate JDEvolution® implant placement.

Case 13.pdf